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Trip Overview

Designed to showcase some of the highlights of Komodo including the chance to see the famous Komodo dragon in its natural habitat, here you also experience beautiful beaches, lookouts to climb, a range of water sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkelling and some easy diving to experience paradise both below and above the water.

This itinerary allows for 1 or 2 dives per day for qualified divers whilst non-divers have the chance to experience an 'Introductory Dive'. Our experienced guides will select the best spots to dive, snorkel and swim in each location and to suit local conditions, marine life opportunities and your skill.

Dive Spots at a Glance:

Highlights may include but are not limited to:

Day 1

In the morning we'll meet you in Labuan Baja and travel to Central Komodo where you'll get a chance to paddle board, kayak or snorkel in the beautiful coral gardens of Sebayor. The boat then moves to Bats Island for a sunset dinner and to see clouds of flying fruit bats before moving on to Wainilu.

Qualified divers: 1 Check Dive in the area of Sebayor.

Day 2

An early start for a trek with Komodo dragons before the boat moves to Pink Beach for snorkelling, beach relaxation and swimming. After lunch, the boat heads for the world famous Padar Island for trekking up to see the sunset. We then sail to Gili Lawa Darat.

Qualified divers: Depending on tides and current, there is the possibility to dive in the Pink Beach area.

Komodo National Park Fee & Dragon entrance is charged extra at $25 per person.

Day 3

Water activities such as paddle boarding, drift snorkelling or just relaxing on the beach.

Qualified divers: 2 dives in Gili Lawa depending on tides and current. An 'introductory dive' can be done at Gili Lawa Darat or Laut. The boat then moves to Sangeang Volcano, hopefully with an amazing sunset on the way.

Day 4

Water activities are available all morning and a visit to the Bonto traditional village can be arranged. The boat will leave before lunch time aiming to be in Banta for early afternoon. In Banta Bay you can enjoy snorkelling or trekking. We then sail in the afternoon to Labuan Bajo whilst taking in a stunning sunset with Sangeang Volcano in the background.

Qualified divers: 2 dives are possible whilst observing no diving 24 hours before your flight. Dives are dependent on tides and current.

Day 5

The boat will be in Labuan Bajo for check out at 10 am.

Please note: Due to weather and diving conditions, it's not always possible to visit each dive spot. Your Cruise Director will decide the best ones to visit at the time of diving.

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