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Trip Overview

You don't need a minimum number of dives but you should be comfortable with drift dives, as currents can be unpredictable and strong. If you are an Open Water Diver, some dives are below 18m therefore we recommend having advanced experience or taking your PADI Advanced Open Water course on board to maximise your enjoyment from the trip. Inexperienced and beginner divers may find some dives challenging and may be asked by the Cruise Director to skip dives that are not suitable for their diving experience. All diving is made from dhonis to give precise entry and exit points.

Dive Spots at a Glance:

  • Rasdhoo AtollHammerhead Sharks, Manta Rays, Wall Dives
  • North Ari AtollGrey Reef Sharks, Maaya Thila Night Dive, Multiple Manta Cleaning Stations
  • South Ari AtollWhale Sharks, Beautiful Pinnacles
  • South Male AtollGrey Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Other Pelagics, Beautiful Macro Wreck
  • Vaavu AtollBeautiful channels with magical soft corals and pelagic delights. Action packed night dive with Nurse Sharks and others.
  • North Male AtollBeautiful Pinnacles, Pristine Reefs and Pelagic Species

This is the Best of the Maldives - and it delivers exactly that. This is where you dive the best and most famous dive sites of the Maldives in a week of wonderful liveaboard diving across Male and Ari atolls.

Enjoy a dive holiday that gives you all you could wish for from the iconic sites of North Male, South Male and Ari Atoll. Awaiting you are channels, drifts and pinnacles where you have every chance of meeting mantas, whale sharks and mesmerising marine life of so many varieties. We don't follow an exact itinerary; flexibility is the word so that no matter what time of the year you visit, this underwater world is yours (and ours) for the exploring.

This itinerary gives you a marine mix of big fish such as shark and manta dives as well as reef dives, reef fish, morays and the abundant macro life. Get up close at the cleaning stations without disturbing the locals! One of the best known dive sites is Maaya Thila; this pinnacle is approximately 30m in diameter and falls away to reveal sharks and fish a plenty.

A night dive from sheltered moorings here is a must! And the boat will also aim to find whale sharks so you can get in the water and snorkel with them...as long as they stay around long enough!

Dive Spots

Rasdhoo Atoll

Hammerhead sharks, manta rays and fun wall dives. Rasdhoo may be a small atoll but has plenty to see! 

North Ari Atoll

Ari Atoll (also called Alif or Alufu Atoll) is one of the biggest atolls and is located in the west of the archipelago. Grey Reef Sharks, Maaya Thila Night Dive, Multiple Manta Cleaning Stations. 

Hafsa Thila -

Known for its grey reef shark cleaning station, this site is like fish soup. Pick the side with the current, drop in and swim through the fish until you see the pinnacle. If the sharks are already on top of the pinnacle then simply stay there mesmerised by the sharks in circle. Dog-tooth tuna, bonito and giant travelly shepherd the thousands of fusiliers, which creates quite a spectacle when the bonito finally decide to go for the kill and when the others follow suit you can feel the energy of thousands of fish accelerating in unison.

South Ari Atoll

From macro life to pelagic species, the Ari Atoll has it all! Be ready to see manta rays, guitar sharks, whale sharks, turtles and hundreds of colourful fish species. 

South Male Atoll

With a variety of large marine life, South Male Atoll is a great spot to see whale sharks, mantas, barracuda, turtles, eagle rays and different species of sharks (reef, grey and even hammerhead).

Vaavu Atoll

Beautiful channels with magical soft corals and pelagic delights. Action packed night dive with Nurse Sharks and others.

North Male Atoll

North Male is famous for its pristine colourful reefs and pelagic species such as manta rays, whale sharks, hawksbill turtles and even the occasional eagle ray. 

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