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Dive Spots at a Glance:

Please note: Due to weather and diving conditions, it's not always possible to visit each Atoll. Your Cruise Director will decide the best ones to visit at the time of diving.

Dive Spots

North Ari Atoll

Ari Atoll (also called Alif or Alufu Atoll) is one of the biggest atolls and is located in the west of the archipelago. Grey Reef Sharks, Maaya Thila Night Dive, Multiple Manta Cleaning Stations. 

Hafsa Thila -

Known for its grey reef shark cleaning station, this site is like fish soup. Pick the side with the current, drop in and swim through the fish until you see the pinnacle. If the sharks are already on top of the pinnacle then simply stay there mesmerised by the sharks in circle. Dog-tooth tuna, bonito and giant travelly shepherd the thousands of fusiliers, which creates quite a spectacle when the bonito finally decide to go for the kill and when the others follow suit you can feel the energy of thousands of fish accelerating in unison.

South Ari Atoll

From macro life to pelagic species, the Ari Atoll has it all! Be ready to see manta rays, guitar sharks, whale sharks, turtles and hundreds of colourful fish species. 

South Male Atoll

With a variety of large marine life, South Male Atoll is a great spot to see whale sharks, mantas, barracuda, turtles, eagle rays and different species of sharks (reef, grey and even hammerhead).

North Male Atoll

North Male is famous for its pristine colourful reefs and pelagic species such as manta rays, whale sharks, hawksbill turtles and even the occasional eagle ray. 

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